Ethical and sustainable jewelry with environmental responsibility at heart

We support reforestation efforts around the world while helping to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Our flagship organic and sustainable jewelry collections are designed, crafted and sold with this spirit at heart, serving as a daily reminder to the wearer of environmental causes: from the need to address slash-and-burn agriculture and expand reforestation programs to efforts to protect elephants and other pachyderms from poaching and exploitation.

We dedicate part of the profits raised from the sale of our collections to those and other environmental causes globally.

Based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, we launched activities in 2011, focusing firstly on supporting anti-poaching organizations and wildlife and elephant conservation efforts. This contributed to our inspiration to develop an alternative to elephant ivory by harnessing the remarkable qualities of palm seeds.

In recent years, environmental threats have escalated exponentially as the climate crisis has accelerated. We have since begun collaborating with reforestation projects around the globe, focusing on protecting and expanding habits for wildlife, and offsetting carbon emissions. We support several organizations specialized in reforestation efforts and plan to launch our own reforestation program in Cambodia before summer 2021

The recent bush fires in Australia and the Amazon rainforest fires are poignant examples of the direct effects of climate change that have attracted international attention. Sadly, this is a worldwide phenomenon – and Cambodia and other South East Asian countries have also suffered devastating wildfires in recent years, albeit with little coverage from the international media.

As a social enterprise seeking to raise awareness of these and other environmental issues, we welcome your support: we are stronger together and by working together we can make a better world for tomorrow.

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Why Do We Plant Trees?

Trees are the key to a healthy planet – the lungs of the Earth. They are essential to fighting climate change, species loss and enhancing social and environmental wellbeing.

Planting trees around the world is one of the most important ways of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere to tackle the climate crisis. As trees grow, they absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions from human activities that are driving global heating.

Trees help reduce ambient temperatures by transpiring and providing shade. They also improve both air and water quality by absorbing pollutants, intercepting particulates, releasing oxygen, reducing ozone levels and mitigating soil erosion. On the other hand, they also increase the capacity of soil to absorb rainwater by capturing some of the falling rain with their leaves.

Trees are also major providers of resources to people and animals.

Show your love and plant a tree today wherever you are!


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